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Yolande's Retirement Ceilidh

On Saturday, 19 March, a party was held at Bolton≠le≠Sands United Reformed Church as a farewell to the Rev Yolande Burns. Actually, she takes her last service as the Minister to the North Lancaster United Reformed Churches Pastorate on Easter Sunday.

The Pastorate consist of the United Reformed Churches at Bolton≠le≠Sands, Halton and Hest Bank and the party, which was a Ceilidh, was organised by all three churches together. The whole of the building was in use in what is thought to have been the biggest event held there. Many people had their hot≠pot in the church itself, dividing screens having been pulled back. Others were in the hall itself, where dancing also took place. They were served by people from all three churches. A wide variety of sweets, etc were served in the Towers Room and people took them back to their tables.

Yolande was presented with farewell gifts of an artistís easel, artistís brushes and vouchers for the purchase of theatre tickets. She made an impromptu thank you speech for the gifts and then referred to notes made earlier for if she had to give a farewell speech.

Husband John was not with Yolande for a lot of the time as he was playing the banjo as part of Northern Lights, who provided the music for the evening. However, he was able to join her towards the end of the evening to take part in the next to the last dance, the Gay Gordons.

Yolande is retiring to her new home in Ingleton.

Mr Robert Swain Church Member at Bolton-le-Sands




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