Hest Bank United Reformed Church



Sunday Duties 2019

  Duty Elder Door Steward Flowers
27th Jan Helen Byrom Frances and Alex Helen Byrom
3rd Feb Brenda/Val Barbara Ann
10th Feb Helen Bennett Chris Jacqui
17th Feb Lena Ann Moya
24th Feb Val Pat Ethel
3rd Mar Helen Bennett/Helen Byrom Alex Lois
10th Mar Joyce Sue and Libby No Flowers
17th Mar Val Jacqui No Flowers
24th Mar Lena Barbara No Flowers
31th Mar Brenda Chris No Flowers
7th April Lena/Val Ann No Flowers
14th April Helen Bennett Pat No Flowers
19th April Helen Byrom Alex No Flowers
21st April Joyce/Lena Sue, Callum & Libby Easter Flowers
28th April Val Jacqui Joyce
5th May Helen Byrom/Brenda Barbara Helen Bennett
12th May Helen Bennett Chris Mary
19th May Lena Ann Lena
26th May Val Pat Brenda
2nd June Helen Byron/Helen Bennett Alex Helen Wheatley
9th June Joyce Sue, Callum & Libby Sylvia
16th June Brenda Jacqui Barbara
23rd June At BlS Joint @ BLS
30th June Helen Byrom Chris Ethel
7th July Joyce/Lena Ann Pam
14th July Brenda Pat Pat
21st July Lena Alex Ann
28th July Joyce Sue, Callum & Libby Jacqui
4th Aug Brenda/Joyce Jacqui Lois
11th Aug Helen Bennett Barbara Joyce
18th Aug Brenda Chris Val
25th Aug Helen Byrom Ann Lena
1st Sept Helen Bennett/Val Pat Helen Byrom
8th Sept Brenda Alex Sallie
15th Sept Lena Sue, Callum & Libby Moya
22nd Sept Joyce Jacqui Wheatley
29th Sept Brenda Barbara Joint Harvest
6th Oct Lena/Val Chris
13th Oct Helen Bennett Ann
20th Oct Helen Byrom Pat
27th Oct Val Alex
3rd Nov Joyce/Brenda Sue, Callum & Libby
10th Nov Lena Jacqui
17th Nov Joyce Barbara
24th Nov Brenda Chris
1st Dec Helen Byrom/Helen Bennett Ann
8th Dec Helen Byrom Pat
15th Dec Helen Bennett Alex
22nd Dec Val Sue, Callum & Libby
25th Dec Jacqui
29th Dec Lena Barbara Joint @ 10.00am
5th Jan Val/Lena Chris
12th Jan Joyce Ann
19th Jan Brenda Pat
26th Jan Helen Byrom Alex


Shining Stars 2019

11th June Brenda Barbara Jacqui
18th June Val Liz Helen
25th June Moya David Val
2nd July Val Joyce Brenda
9th July Helen Jacqui David
16th July Barbara Val Moya

Please arrange a swap if you are not available on one of the days you are scheduled to help. If you are first on the list please bring milk and snacks.

If you would like to come on one of the days you are not down to help , please feel free to do so. Extra help is always welcome. Please arrive at about 8.30 to set up.

Food Collections 2018 (10:00 am to 12:00 noon)

28th February Val Helen
7th March Lena Jane
14th March Jocelyn Alan
21st March Jacqui Peter
28th March Ann Stephanie
4th April Moya David
11th April Brenda Liz
18th April Pat Joyce
25th April Val Helen
2nd May Jocelyn Alan
9th May Jacqui Peter
16th May Lena Jane
23rd May Pat Joyce
30th May Brenda Liz
6th June Ann Stephanie
13th June Moya David


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